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MS+ (Mandarin Skin Plus)

Quick Overview

MS+™ (Mandarin Skin Plus) is a revolutionary natural health product that aids with digestion and promotes gastrointestinal health. It is a patent-pending proprietary extract based on dry-aged mandarin orange peel, an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. This remedy has been safely used for centuries to relieve bloating, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, upset stomach, cough with phlegm. Experience ULTIMATE DIGESTIVE RELIEF and top gastrointestinal health for only about a dollar a day!

Directions: take one capsule twice a day, up to six capsules per day. Swallow capsule directly OR dissolve powder in water.
60 vegan capsules for ~ 1 month supply

Reviewed by the GI Society

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Powered by nature. Proven by science.

If you suffer from mild gastrointestinal discomfort or chronic irritable bowel symptoms, get relief with MS+™ (Mandarin Skin Plus).

Symptoms Treated

Diarrhea • Bloating • Acid Indigestion • Nausea • Belching • Vomiting • Upset Stomach • Cough with phlegm

& Safe

MS+™ uses only the highest-quality source of mandarin peel and it is a guaranteed clean, non-toxic product that is thoroughly tested for heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contaminants.

100% vegan & non allergic

Contains no GMO, dairy, corn or animal products of any kind. Does not contain any priority allergens including: gluten, soy, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat or sulphites.

How Does It Work?

The way MS+ alleviates the symptoms of indigestion and promotes long-term digestive health is simple: it restores the gut lining in response to stress. One of the most common sources of gut lining stress comes from properties that are not naturally found in the human system - such as alcohol and gluten. While protected in the gut, when these properties break through the lining and interact with the bloodstream and other organs, our body sees them as foreign and we feel pain and discomfort. Through research sponsored by the Canadian government and conducted at the University of British Columbia, MS+ has been proven completely non-toxic and revealed to work in the following ways:


– the protein drawbridges between the cells that line the gut



Key information

Health Canada Approved

MS+™ has passed a rigorous review to receive its Natural Product Number license (NPN #80040015). It is a patent-pending proprietary extract that is supported by ongoing scientific research. The product has also been given a reviewed by the GI Society – the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research.

Easy to take & Family friendly

MS+™ is the only extract of its kind that is water-soluble. You can either swallow the capsule whole or dissolve its contents in water or food.

Highly concentrated

The enhanced water-based extraction technology produces higher levels of bioactive ingredients, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.

A holistc solution

MS+™ is safe, gentle and effective for daily use. Competing products operate on opposite ends of the spectrum – either providing short-term relief or promoting long-term gastrointestinal health. MS+™ covers all the bases to relieve, repair and restore at the same time.

Medicinal ingredients:

Mandrimax™, a patent-pending dried Citrus Reticulata Pericarp extract (2:1 extract with water)

Non-medicinal Ingredients (3% w/w total):
Magnesium stearate (lubricant)
Microcrystalline cellulose (binder)
Silicon dioxide (flow agent)
Non allergen status: Does not contain any priority allergens including: gluten, soy, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, sesame, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat or sulphites.

  1. A game changer review by Kate on 2019-01-07

    I have suffered from gut problems since I was a child due to lactose and grain sensitives. Over the years I’ve tried cutting them out of my diet, building up a tolerance and also just dealing with the problems that arise from consuming them from time to time. Taking MS+ has changed the game for me. Having this product in my diet has made such a positive impact. I can see a noticeable change in my skin tone and its overall brightness, my gut problems are minimized and I can be less afraid of enjoying meals out. Try it.

  2. Amazing and Worth your time review by Feenana on 2018-11-12

    I recently found out that I suffer from Gastritis after a year of random bouts of nausea. I started taking MS+ a few days ago, and I have literally not felt this good in about a year. I feel like my old self again, I have energy, and I feel so much more confident about going out in public knowing I won't feel sick to my stomach anymore! This product combined with intentional diet changes has really impacted me in a positive way! Will definitely keep on buying this.

  3. So helpful review by Me and my ms on 2018-11-09

    I love this product! I've been using it for digestion problems brought on by ms. It's the only thing that keeps my gut working properly and saves me from another relapse.
    A big thankful to the gang for developing this awesome product! Cheers

  4. Relief review by sandra on 2017-08-30

    I started taking this two weeks ago as I was at my wits end with the constant gas, bloating, ibs symptoms. The lady that sold it to me said customers were having a lot of success with the product. I am not yet totally back to normal but I think I will try increasing my dosage. Great natural product!

  5. Power User review by Eugene E. on 2017-08-18

    The product still works great, I still take 10-15 a day depending on severity of symptoms. No side effect, only the benefits. Gave a few to friends seems to work for them too. Helps reduce bloating and associated stomach pains. Will need to order more soon.

  6. Got My Got Back review by Robin Brody on 2017-06-20

    This came highly recommended by Julie Daniluk author of "The Hot Detox". She couldn't have been more RIGHT. This little capsule packs a whole lot of goodness for your gut. I started with 1 bottle and just ordered 4 more (nice little discount). Thank you for helping my gut find it's way back to health!

  7. AMAZING- Buy it now review by Victoria on 2017-02-24

    I was given a bottle by a friend of mine cause I kept complaining about how I felt after eating, it was like the food never moved and heaven forbid I ate anything a little unhealthy it was game over. I could feel it work immediately! I would take it after a meal and within 30 min I felt relief. Even if you suffer from mild discomfort this product is simply fantastic. I cannot recommend it enough.

  8. I'VE Been using MS+ 4 days wow what a great product. review by B's on 2016-10-14

    I'm retired and this product is amazing, I've tried all then prescriptions and it didn't even touch it, MS+ is a miracle, my digestion hasn't been this calm in years, it FEELS
    GREAT! Thank you very much for this WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I take it in the morning and at night it calms the stomach down. Tait Laboratories and great Scientists
    thank you very much. I will be buying it in bulk as well next time.

  9. My stomach feels like it is friends again with food review by Mr Happy Tummy on 2016-09-30

    My stomach does not get as upset with dairy foods since I have been using MS+. I have noticed in general that the stomach discomfort I have gotten so used to has gone away.

  10. Wonderful product review by H. Jack on 2016-07-01

    I've had a lot of stress lately and it affected my stomach. Frequent stomach cramps, bloating. Indigestion and irregular bowels. After using this product for 2 months, I am feeling so much better. I still have stress issues but not the physical problems. I'm so happy this product was referred to me !!

  11. Feeling much more relieved since taking MS+ review by Frank on 2016-03-07

    I have been taking (MS+) Mandarin Skin Plus for over a year now and its been wonderful. I had multiple symptoms before such as acid reflux and now not only are they gone, but I feel like they'll never come back. Great product and i recommend it to anyone who has acid reflux.

  12. I felt the release of my IBS symptoms review by Katrina on 2016-02-01

    I've been having a mild IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom) and reaction to certain foods (dairy products, breads etc.), although I tested negative for lactose and gluten intolerance. After I tried a few MS+ pills for a test, I didn't feel any improvement. However, I continued my trial therapy course (for about 3 days twice a day) and started feeling a significant improvement and release of my symptoms (like bloating and heartburn)! I could actually eat yogurt and cereal again, and started feeling much better and healthier in general!
    I'd strongly recommend MS+ to people suffering from IBS or other digestive issues.

  13. In few days it stoped! review by Tiffany T. on 2016-01-29

    I've been taking [PRODUCT X], not sure if you've heard of it [LINK REMOVED] and I started to experience digestive issues, which is a general side effect. So I started taking MS+ and within a few days it stopped! Absolutely incredible! - Tiffany T.

  14. Changed the way I feel after lunch review by Kevin S. on 2016-01-17

    Hi everyone,

    First of all, I wan't to let you know that I know Andrew Tait well and that's why I've started taking MS+. The main reason why I've started taking MS+ was because I had to use Dexilant 60mg because I was having issues with my throat because of acid reflux called in french: "RGO, reflux gastro oesophagien". And it changed the way I feel now. Before, I was not feeling well and always having the impression of being choked because of irritation. Now my pain is gone and I can now live my life back as normal. And yeah by the way, I'm only 23 years old.

  15. Leaky gut remedy review by Sandra Week on 2015-06-22

    I've been experiencing bloating and digestion problem for a month and discovered I had Leaky Gut. My doctor referred me to Mandarin Skin Plus and I no more suffer from Leaky gut! This product is really great.

  16. I will continue taking MS+ review by C. Schroeder on 2015-01-28

    I am half way through my first bottle of MS+ and I have experienced immediate relief from painful bloating and gas that most foods give me.

    I started with 6 capsules a day and have brought the amount down to 4 capsules a day. I’m really looking forward to introducing more food varieties into my diet, and have been slowly doing so with great results! An added and unexpected bonus is that I’ve been extremely regular too!

    I will continue taking MS+ and have been recommending it to anyone who will listen! C. Schroeder

  17. My stomach is feeling great review by James McAllister on 2014-12-06

    I’ve been taking my MS+ in capsule form daily and my stomach is feeling great. The stress from school and large volumes of coffee that I consume were taking a toll on me. I think MS+ is definitely having a positive impact on my digestive system. James McAllister

  18. I’ve started using it review by Steve Madison on 2014-08-22

    Very good product! Since I’ve started using it, I’ve seen a big difference in my gut health. I’m excited to start buying in bulk so I will save on shipping!

  19. MS+ Twice a Day review by Peggy Lenti on 2014-07-14

    I have progressive multiple sclerosis - a condition commonly accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. I am using the MS+ twice a day and my digestion is good and has been since the 1st bottle. I have been making good progress in strength and have increased mobility. I’m still using a walker but things are looking good. My GP said “you know you’re not supposed to be getting better, I don’t know what you’re doing but keep doing it”. That was a clear statement about my improvements.

  20. I’ve been taking MS+ for around a week now review by Andrew Charles Jackson on 2014-06-20

    I’ve been taking Mandarin Skin Plus for around a week now and I think you’ve got something here. I have found Mandarin Skin Plus to really boost my immune system, cleanse my skin and help with my Irritable Bowel Symptom. It’s only been one week but I must say this is the most promising product I’ve discovered in ages. And I’ve been searching far and wide since around the year 2000!
I’ve found taking one capsule three times per day with meals has been really beneficial. I was just taking with breakfast and lunch but since extending to dinner as well, things have improved more. I’ve even been able to eat things I normally can’t and not experience big issues with food groups like dairy. I’ll let you know how things progress.

  21. I feel very more comfortable between my meals! review by Adriana Vanquish on 2014-05-09

    I’m an almost retired school teacher of 61 years old and I was having a lot of pain in the afternoon. By now, I feel very more comfortable between my meals. Thank you very much Tait Labs scientists, you’ve changed my way of living!!! :)

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